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Clamp On Multiphase Flow Measurement for Oil & Gas

Expro Meters offers cost-effective, non-intrusive, clamp-on flow meters and measurement services for individual well, flowline, and overall field production surveillance for the oil and gas industry. Our SONAR-based well testing products and services provide clients accurate multiphase well measurement without process interruptions or the complexity of conventional testing methods. These solutions enable our customers to realise increased value from their wells and fields through improved production monitoring, optimisation of well performance, increased efficiency, and reduced metering costs. Our clamp-on flow meters eliminate health, safety, and environment risks common to traditional well measurement practices. At the heart of everything we do is SONAR flow technology, which is embodied in our SONAR products.

SONAR Clamp-On Flow Meter Video

Our sonar flow meters clamp on to the outside of existing production piping to provide real-time gas production flow rate measurement. They enable simple and quick installation without production shut-down.

Expro Meters Clamp On Flow Meter Video

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